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Company History and Philosophy

Interhaus-Barta Építő-Szolgáltató és Kereskedelmi Kft. was established in  1998. All of its managers and builders are excellent specialists who have accumulated a vast amount of experience in Germany and Austria.

Despite increasing competition and hectic market conditions, our company has had a consistent presence on the Hungarian building market for decades. This demonstrates that the quality of our products and services have passed the test of time. The accurate, precise and flawless quality of our work can also be attributed to our company philosophy as well: we build each house as if it were our own, with maximum attention to detail and without compromises.

Although our company's expertise is affirmed by various certificates and qualifications, we consider a happy customer to be the greatest recognition one can receive. We do not rest on or laurels, nor do we consider ourselves finished until our customers are satisfied. Our aim is to present our customers not only with a house, but with a home.

In addition to customer testimonials, we also have a "paper trail" of our excellent work.


European Technical Assessment

Európai Műszaki Értékelés


German Institute for Standardization

Német Szabványügyi Intézet


Austrian Standards Institute

Osztrák Szabványügyi Intézet


Of the EEA regulations

Az EGT szabályozása


Construction Technical Approval

Építőipari Műszaki Engedély


Hungarian Prefabricated Houses Trademark

Magyar Készházak védjegy

Premium Building Products

Building Certification System

Építési Minősítési Rendszer