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A home built to your needs

House? Terraced house? Condominium? Semi-detached house? Apartment? Summer cottage? Or even an institutional building? Whatever type of home you need, our specialists look forward to helping you. You can choose from one of our standard designs, but perhaps the best solution is if we build a prefabricated house that we then tailor entirely to your specific needs in accordance with your budget.

You can choose from among several prefabricated houses: it can be a low-energy passive house requiring almost zero energy or an active house – also known as a PlusEnergy House. Our buildings are not only pleasing to the eye, but also well-built.

We design and erect our buildings in Hungary, Germany and Austria, or anywhere else in the world, making you eligible for the largest subsidies or rebates available for a prefabricated house.

We are also happy to provide wood-structured products, such as playgrounds, garden pavilions, covered terraces, garages, sheds, garden furniture, ornaments and even a doghouses!

In order to reduce your ecological footprint and implement the principles of sustainable growth, we can build your home using organic raw materials. In addition to the wooden structure, your home can be built using wood wool (excelsior), cellulose, hemp or straw thermal insulation, adobe plates, clay plaster and clay paint.

Expert help during each phase of building

Design? Manufacturing? Construction? Irrespective of the phase in which you are, we would be pleased to help you build your house. In addition to building prefabricated houses, we offer the following:

  • Design and manufacture of roof structures and nail plate supports
  • Roof covering and carpentry on the spot, including tinwork
  • The manufacturing of 14 types of wooden wall structures, floor and roof panels for light-frame houses
  • Design, manufacturing, on-site installation and prefabricated construction of other wooden products – e.g. garden pavilions, saunas, garages, tool sheds –as well as the manufacture of wooden garden furniture

Choose from our products

We will manufacture and construct almost any building or wooden structure that can be assembled using prefabricated house components from a custom design, such as:

  • houses: single storey, two-storey or multi-storey
  • semi-detached houses and condominiums
  • terraced houses
  • kindergartens
  • office buildings
  • retail outlets
  • nail-plate truss roofs
  • garden structures
  • saunas
  • indoor stairs
  • garages
  • tool sheds
  • commercial buildings
  • warehouses
  • agricultural storage facilities
  • stables
  • doghouses