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Energy and cost-efficient light-frame houses for you

Since we use technology that allows for high-quality and unique manufacturing, we can design buildings of many shapes and sizes with very few limits, and in a way that later redevelopments and extensions are also easy to perform.

Our long-lasting and durable materials meet the latest requirements. Our quality and technical parameters satisfy German building standards (DIN), Austrian (ÖNORM) and Hungarian regulations, and our materials are environmentally friendly.

The prefabricated houses built with our technology are not only long-lasting, but energy efficient as well, thus reducing your energy costs and impact on our environment. Choose us from the very beginning to ensure a great experience!

The manufacturer facilitates the work of designers through consultations in the case of orders by providing design aids (e.g. sectional drawings).

If your contractor builds the foundation or the reception level for our prefabricated house, we will provide you with a millimetre-accurate foundation plan so that the various units can be installed exactly in their designed places.

If the foundation is made by non-professionals, the receiving area will be taken over by Interhaus Kft. 21 days prior to the delivery. The maximum permissible deviations are: +/- 1 cm both horizontally and diagonally. The manufacturer can also build the foundation upon prior arrangement.

Learn more about the manufacturing and construction process!

Walls, floors and roof panels are manufactured on our production lines with constant inspections. Prefabrication allows us to assemble the various pieces in the factory, independently of the weather. This way when we install the doors and windows, outdoor and indoor thermal insulation, apply the rough coat, install and fill in the plasterboard walls, perform the preliminary electric installation, prepare the plumbing installation and install the mounting walls in the rooms with plumbing still in the factory, construction is more precise and less time is required for the on-site building activities.


The figure below shows the layer distribution of the external walls of one of our prefabricated houses. The height dimensions of the panels are always adjusted to the given internal height. The length may even reach 13 meters. The calculated heat transmission coefficient according to DIN 4108 is below K = 0.19 W/m2K, and may be as low as 0.12; sound-proofing according to DIN 4109 is 58 dB; the fire resistance limit value in the standard configuration (standard gypsumboards) is F-30,and F-90 in the case of semi-detached houses.

Exterior view

Interior view

The load bearing partition walls are similar to the external walls, but are only 100 mm thick. Their layer distribution can also be seen in the figure above.

Partition wall figure:

For partitioning,we install a partition wall system rated and certified by Knauf.

The floor/ceiling structure is different in single storey and multi-storey light-frame prefabricated houses. In single storey houses, the ceiling is created from the lower band of the so-called 'GANG NAIL' nail plate truss system, while in multi-storey houses floor panels are manufactured with parameters determined by structural engineers.

The roof system also depends on the building type. In the case of multi-storey prefabricated houses, thermal-insulated roof panels are manufactured in the manner shown in the above figure. Any type of gutters and downspouts can be designed and installed for the collection and drainage of rainwater. In the standard configuration we supply galvanized pipes.

Roof Panel Figure:

Doors and windows can be of custom or standard dimensions, made of wood or plastic (including blinds upon demand), with two or three-layer thermal insulated glass. Wooden doors and windows are protected by a coat of paint.

Indoor surfaces and tiles can be freely chosen by you, with the costs incorporated into the project total.

Wooden units are protected using an environmentally friendly technology designed for the building.

Plumbing works are performed on the spot as per the customer’s requirements. The pipes are installed in the thermally insulated and soundproofed floor.

Electricity is installed on site. Copper cables are inserted into conduits previously installed into the vertical walls and insulated floor in the factory, with a multi-layer coat placed in the flexible conduits.

Heating/cooling: in the standard configuration we install a state of the art gas boiler and flat radiators. Upon demand, we can install solar panels, solar collectors, air-source heat pumps, ground-source heat pumps, surface cooling and heating devices, heat-recycling ventilation, electric floor heating and even infrared heating.

The stairs to be installed in multi-storey buildings can theoretically be of any shape, style and material.


We reserve the right to change the technical design and materials of our houses in line with architectural developments and changing building regulations from time to time without providing any prior notice. We itemize all extra services, the customer’s own input and any other requests related to the construction works in a contract.

You can count on us! We sell our buildings with a 3-year guarantee, with 5-year and 10-year warranties and a 30-year warranty for the building’s structure.